Monday, March 17, 2008

Joining the Social Applications revolution...

It started with my mom. Many many years ago, she demonstrated a simple yoga exercise I could do in my car while driving home from work. It was an exercise for my face, a simple combination of saying E and O with an exaggerated expression. I did as I was told. I think they might have helped stave off the wrinkles, I can’t be sure about that, but they certainly helped me decompress and de-stress… so, many years later, when I learned Flash, I saved the domain name FacialYoga and created a cute application to place there.

It wasn’t anything grand but I made enough money from the Google ads to pay for the yearly cost of the domain name. So, I left it there.

Recently, when I decided that I wanted to learn to make a Facebook application, it made sense to reformat the FacialYoga site into a Facebook application. So, I did. Within 48 hours, I had 20+ users and I had joined the Social Networking revolution.

Now, I’m figuring out how to take this to the next step and fine-tune my app into a true base for Social Networking.

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